When most people think of science fiction, they think of a story that takes place in Earth’s dystopian future, on another planet or deep in outer space, involves, monsters, aliens and robots or the effects of thermo-nuclear war. There is another type of sci-fi, though; a story set on Earth at the current time; a book that which involves actual scientific theories, yet is fictional; but it is a storyline that could very well occur tomorrow. A.J. Scudiere is a master of this type of story.
… I thought the story was going in one direction. Not much further into the book, the storyline went somewhere else, for a far more interesting and realistic read. A.J.Scudiere’s books are like a roller coaster ride. They are fast-paced, full of unexpected twists, turns and flips, and when you are done, you want to jump on the next one right away.

Daniel - Amazon reviewer Resonance September 17, 2021