I can’t believe she’s done it again. This is the third book by Scudiere that I’ve read/listened to the audiomovie and each one is so profoundly different and unique that it’s amazing. There are a number of authors that I’ve read multiple books by and sometimes I can only read so many as they start to sound like the same story re-written with a little difference here or there. John Saul, who I read a lot of in my early teenage years, is a classic example of this writing style. Somehow Scudiere manages to write vastly different tales and each one is perfect and cherished in its own way.

Truly a wonderful read, as are Scudiere’s other books. I highly recommend you pick this up and read it for yourself. It will make you think and you will fall in love with the characters, the angel, the demon, and of course, Katherine.

Amanda - Goodreads reviewer God's Eye September 17, 2021