Welcome to the special sale!

This collectors box features God's Eye.

The Collectors Set includes:

✷ a signed paperback copy with the collector's edition cover of God's Eye.

✷ an Utukku -- the plush version of our cover creature

✷ the unabridged God's Eye AudioMovie. (AudioMovies are audiobooks with a full cast, sound effects, and a score--it's like being inside the book!)
⋆⋆⋆The Audiomovie will come on a necklace USB, so you can wear your book anywhere!

There are only 30 sets available. Be sure to order now.

Use the paypal button below-- you'll be charged $25 to Griffyn Ink.

That payment includes shipping in the continental US. (If you are outside this range, please email mail@griffynink.com and we'll make arrangements!)

Book autographed to:

This sale is open from JUN 4th - JUN 16th

All packages will be shipped on JUN 17th!

There are limited supplies and they will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you for ordering! We'll have it out to you soooooon!

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