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    Free books to fill your TBR pile! You can never have enough. Hello , Vanishing Point has been out in the world for just over a week! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great book launch. If you missed out and didn't get Vanishing Point, you can grab it HERE If you did read it and got all the way to the end, then you might have seen that the next NightShade book is already clickable! You can pre-order Beneath Memory HERE In the meantime, if you've already devoured all the NightShade books and you're waiting for The Swarm... you can fill your TBR pile from this great promo. Find new-to-you authors and get great books for free! Just click the picture to pop over... THE HUNTED is in that list. If you haven't read it yet, you'll want to grab it (HERE) so you can catch up for book 4 - THE SWARM - which will be the next AJ book to come out. I'm busy writing. My kids are doing great off at college. My son is a junior and considering expanding to other biologies and not just marine bio. In the meantime, he's taking…

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