Hey y’all! Garden of Bone is almost here! It’s out on Nov 8th. But before then I’ll start work on book 7, the Camelot Gambit. In this one Eleri and Donovan are undercover in a designed city. The city’s founder had decided that he wants a place just for him, and he invites anyone who can pass his test to come live there. Only a city with only one kind of people is problematic at best…and when there’s a murder in a town full of people too smart to leave behind fingerprints, can Eleri and Donovan figure it out without revealing who and what they are?
I’m off to Nebraska next week to do some early recon on the area! I’ll post pictures in my newsletter. If you’re not already on it, just click one of the “Become a Renegade” links on this site and you’ll see the pics and hear the stories before they wind up in the book!

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy Garden of Bone!

Garden of Bone Cover

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