All the addresses are clues to the mystery. For example, the apartment the boys live in with their mother is 187 (murder), Jason’s birth father is at an address that codes for Arson. I alluded to it in the name of the bar they go to “Code 647” for Drunk and Disorderly.

**There are more addresses than just these. Send me one and I’ll send you a prize! (Email me or use Contact Me tab above.)


I did a ride along with a fire department to research this book. None of my local departments would open their doors (a fact I still find concerning.) A friend had connections to her local fire chief in West Columbia, SC, and he said “Sure, come on down.” They let me live in the station for nearly a week! I went on every run, trained with them, ate with them, and more. I interviewed every firefighter who agreed, and you can see them in this book.



The very first lines of the book are Clark/Daniel calling Jason. Neither of them knows it yet, but it’s the first time the brothers have spoken to each other in twenty years.

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