Jolabokaflod 2023

jolabokaflod 2023

Welcome to Jolabokaflod!
This book giving holiday is my favorite ever.

It’s a real holiday and you can click the picture above to get more on the history. These books are yours as a gift. No money, no joining a list, nothing. Just click the links and download!

Jolabokaflod has started!

But what even is a Jolabokaflod???

It's an Icelandic holiday that translates roughly to: "joyous book flood."

It's usually celebrated on Dec 24th, but I figured since it's about books, we should start early. People gift each other with books, gather their favorite snacks and drinks, and curl up in their favorite spot and READ ALL DAY.

(Want to know more? Read about Jolabokaflod!)








The Hunted Cover
Joule and Cage Mazur feel like prisoners in their home. With something new stalking the streets at night, their family’s only protection is bolting the door and embracing the darkness. And even though they manage to trap and kill one of the monsters, their locks won’t hold forever…

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