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Welcome to AJ’s World. It’s a little weird here. I love science and data–literally, when I panic about anything, I talk myself out of it with statistics. I love a good puzzle (probably why I love science) and I want to solve it. My family supports me and my writing habit, but I’m not treated like royalty at all. This is what my sister did with my book:


(She says it’s damaged, so it’s not an insult. Also, it was the right height.)

I’ll post here what I’m working on. Where I’ll be and more.

So for right now, the next stop is the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. OCT 13th-15th. Almost all the Griffyn Ink authors will be there with me along with a few others. Come on by and get an advanced copy of ECHO AND EMBER. Some of the other authors will have advanced copies of their books as well! Read up on the Southern Festival of Books here:



Southern Festival Of Books

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