Forensic ID and identical twins!

So, a lot of people think we still can’t tell identical twins apart genetically. BUT WE CAN NOW!

While identical twins do have different fingerprints, they have the same DNA–which should make DNA tests unable to tell them apart. A standard DNA matching test doesn’t even check the whole code of DNA just a few key pieces that are highly variable. If those match, you’re probably the person or their identical twin.
But, over time, as cells divide (even as early as in the womb) mutations occur. These mutations are carried through every cell that comes from that cell and most don’t do anything (often these are in parts of the DNA that doesn’t encode proteins.)
But now there is a new test that looks more closely at the DNA and can find those differences, telling us which twin we are testing against.

It’s not currently part of standardized testing, but if you know the person has an identical twin, the results will distinguish them!
***Fun side fact, the last picture is of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who actually are just fraternal twins who look insanely alike!

Ask me questions if you have them!


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