Forensic ID and identical twins!

So, a lot of people think we still can't tell identical twins apart genetically. BUT WE CAN NOW!While identical twins do have different fingerprints, they have the same DNA--which should make DNA tests unable to tell them apart. A standard DNA matching test doesn't even check the whole code of DNA just a few key pieces that are highly variable. If those match, you're probably the person or their...



*This is not Walker, Texas Ranger, though this Walker is, also, a Texas Ranger.Jared Padalecki stars in this series well into season 3.He's absolutely the worst Texas Ranger ever. (And that takes into account the horrifying history of the Rangers organization.)He's awful at finding the bad guys--they are often under his nose. He's a terrible father. He's constantly getting taken hostage. And...


Wall of Post-it Notes

1 - I have a metric crap ton of post-its. It's an addiction. I understand. I'm sure I can quit any time I want.2 - How did no one ever look at this and say, "I think you have ADHD" ? 



SCREAM 6:Was it scary? No.If you have seen any of the other Scream movies, then you know what's coming. And that's what comes.The fun is in trying to figure out who the killer is and why.The acting is ... by actors.The meta-analysis by the characters is slightly less obnoxious than in 5.Jump Scares: 7If you like Scream movies, then this _is_ a Scream movie! If you don't like Scream movies, stay...


AJ’s Mocha Iced Blended Recipe

For Superfans ONLY! Holler out in the comments any AJ garments you see. And let us know if you make your own and how it goes!!!!


Way back when Vengeance first came out…

The first series of images were attempts by the cover artist... oy. (We could not find the cover artist who did the original resonance cover... we loved her!!!) This cover artist had NO familiarity with martial arts or... knives. In the first image, you can see she's holding the blade aimed at herself. (I'm sorry, whah?) In the third one she looks like she's selling sais on the home shopping...


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