The Nightshade Forensic FBI Files 13 - The Shadow Files - Sacrifice cover
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Christina has one of the pages--maybe the most important one. But getting back to the wolves means escaping Miranda Industries and the Dauphine sisters... alive.

The Shadow Files – Sacrifice

Available: 2024


No one can find Christina…

And that’s the way she wants it. The way it has to be.

She’s got one of the parchment sheets. Though she can’t fully read it, there’s something about the writing on this one that matches two sides of other pieces. It’s a missing link. If she contacts anyone, it will signal to the ones trying to trace her every move.

They want the parchment, too. It’s a deadly game to see who can assemble enough of an ancient spell—or curse—in order to cast it first. But the ones looking for her have witches far more powerful than any Christina has ever met. Staying low and hiding every trace of her own existence is the only thing that will keep her alive.

The question now is: can she make it to the farm before they do?

Sacrifice is the third Shadow Files book in the NightShade Forensic FBI Files series. Catch up with old friends and enemies as everyone tries to keep the ancient magics for themselves…