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Justice | A.J. Scudiere
Justice - Cover


Three times Sin has left her old life behind to begin a new one from scratch. But this time the choice is made for her when Lee is taken in the dead of night and she barely gets away with her own life.

Even Nick can only help so much, so Sin turns to the one person with connections that might be of use. Ex FBI agent and current criminal justice professor Owen Dunham has connections and access to information that might bring Lee back alive. It’s worth it, even if it means trading her own freedom.

While Nick and Owen form an uneasy alliance on the outside, Sin and Annika attempt to gain access using everything they can to free Lee.

Right and wrong have long since been obliterated. Disturbingly, one of Lee’s kidnappers looks far too familiar: someone Sin is convinced should be long dead. The ties between families and enemies have become intricately tangled and to save Lee, Sin will have to bend and break bonds she didn’t even know existed. She’ll have to do it all while protecting a new secret . . .

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