Fortune (Mia's Story)
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Fortune is missing. As Mia tries to figure out who kidnapped her daughter, she learns that no one in her life is who she thought they were.

Fortune (Mia’s Story)

Series: Fortune


Mia’s daughter is missing, stolen from her own front yard. Though Fortune is having a grand adventure, Mia is watching her whole life fall apart.
When Fortune disappears, the police converge on their home. They are supposed to be helping, but they are holding her back from finding her daughter. When the FBI shows up, it seems there are even more secrets she didn’t know. Her husband has been cheating on her in more ways than one. And Fortune’s doctor has far more information about Mia’s daughter than she should. More than maybe is legal. Will there be a home for Fortune to come back to?

Fortune is a two book set that tells the same story from two perspectives. Learn more about the secrets eight-year-old Fortune is hiding. Find out why Fortune was taken. . .