The Hangman's Shadow #1 - Bad Name cover
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Each of the three women in this odd partnership has a unique and disturbing past, but together might be able to crack the unsolvable.

Bad Name


Jesse Nash just lost her daughter.

Georgia Dunham desperately needs to find her mother.

Jesse is on her couch with a bottle of whiskey…she’s supposed to be on the trail of a killer. Can Georgia convince her to take on yet another case when she can’t even handle what she has? Jesse may be the only one who can find the elusive Sin.

Cindy Baker might be able to help. But Cindy has seen more lives than she’s lived and isn’t even willing to open the door.
Troubled pasts come back to haunt them. Twisted cases lead to uncertain futures.

BAD NAME is the first book in THE HANGMAN’S SHADOW series.