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AJ holds an MS in Human Forensic Identification as well as another in Neuroscience/Human Physiology -- or as she calls it “nerdgirl.” A firm believer that the best suspense relies on clues that were there all along and characters who stay smart all the way through the story, AJ works hard to get readers to “turn just one more page.” AJ’s books have garnered Audie nominations, options for tv and film, as well as over twenty Best Suspense/Best Fiction of the Year awards.


Oct 13th-15th (Fri-Sun) I'll be in Nashville, TN at the Southern Festival of Books.

I'll have advanced final copies of ECHO AND EMBER there, so you can get yours before anyone else!

Also, there will be 5 authors in the booth with me: D.B. Sieders, Tony Acree, J.B. Schroeder, LuLu M. Sylvian, and Victoria Raschke

Plus, it's huge. There will be so many books you won't know what to do. There are food trucks and entertainment (even for the kiddos) so come on down!

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Shoot me an email at AJ@ReadAJS.com

Send Reading recommendations, ask about books, request spoilers for the Don't Peek page and more. I'd love to hear from you!