More GOD’S EYE Spoilers


Of course, at the end, you’ll realize that’s actually Allistair on the cover, not Zachary.


Allistair never swears. He also revels in earthly sensations when incarnate. I operated under the idea that God gave us the earth and that not appreciating it is to disrespect that. Allistair worships all those sensations. At one point he comments “there was grace in doing the dishes.”



In the orginal draft, Zachary was named Gabriel. We told Stefan Rudnicki, who reads that part in the audiobook, that he would be reading Gabriel. Then we gave him the copy and there was no Gabriel! He thought we’d ditched him.

The next AJ book will be . . .

We just wrapped up another great Southern Festival of Books weekend. It was nice to be back after a break last year for another event that coincided. Our booth this year had authors from 3 states and we had an amazing time despite getting rained out later Sunday afternoon. If we met there for the first time, then Welcome!

Next up:

ECHO AND EMBER releases in just a handful of days!

After that, the next book will not be a NightShade book . . . I know a lot of you want the next installment. You’ll get it! Promise.

I get book ideas from so many places that I sometimes don’t remember where the idea came from at all. But this one, I dreamed. All the way through. The whole story. I had this dream in 10th grade and I remember it, in its entirety to this day. It’s time to write the story of FORTUNE. Look for FORTUNE to be out next spring (I hope.) And grab ECHO AND EMBER to keep you until then. Also due next year: GARDEN OF BONE – NightShade book 5. You’ve been waiting for Eleri to find out more about Emmaline and Donovan to find out more about his past . . .

Keep your eyes here for more information as we go!

Happy reading–

A.J.     O.o