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When a former mermaid turns up dead, Eleri and Donovan are stuck with a case they never wanted, but can’t shake…
Eleri—a former mermaid herself—should have been recused from the case. That’s her friend on the autopsy table and putting her in charge of the investigation violates more rules than she can count. But her Special Agent in Charge won’t let her off the case, making her wonder if there’s more to Westerfield’s demands than meets the eye.

He won’t let Donovan out of the case either. The mysterious package from a brother Donovan didn’t know he had contains as much threat as it does information. The lobomau are more organized and further-reaching than anyone thought, and Donovan now has a personal connection.

The team is stuck on a research vessel with a killer hot on their trail… but Eleri’s skills are glitchy at best, and Donovan can’t swim. Can they keep the remaining crew members—and themselves—alive or will the killer turn out to be the one they least suspected?

This next installment in the NightShade Forensic Files brings more X-Files-like mystery to the series! Be prepared for an up-all-night thrill ride.

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First they noticed the pets were missing, then the neighborhood of Rowena Heights started losing…people.

It was only later that they actually saw the packs of creatures stalking the streets at night. As the Mazurs get close to the truth about the night hunters, they discover the hunters aren’t what they thought at all. They’ll have to fight be the dominant species. Get THE HUNTED Now!

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Black Carbon – Book #2 

Coming Soon 

“An action packed thriller. Highly recommended.” — Midwest Book Review. 

“After having read three of her books, I’d say she’s in the top five of my best writers list. I have a list of King, Grisham, Koontz…you know, those guys. They are the authors who you know will deliver.” — The Lit Critic

“This series is beyond excellent. A great combination of thriller and science fiction.”

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