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Black Carbon #6 - THE NIGHT

Stay quiet.
Follow the tracks.
Fight back.

When Joule saw the shadows on the street, her heart stopped. She’d believed the Night Hunters were gone. But the only explanation for the strange goings on is that the Hunters are back. The last time Joule and her twin brother Cage went up against the Hunters, they lost half their family.

This time, though, they believe they know what they are doing.

But the Night Hunters have come back as a stronger, more dangerous breed than last time…

Black Carbon The Night
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The Nightshade Forensic FBI Files 13 - The Shadow Files - Sacrifice cover

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Available 2024

Nightshade Forensic FBI Files #16 - The Shadow Files: Sacrifice

No one can find Christina…
And that’s the way she wants it. The way it has to be.

Sacrifice is the third Shadow Files book in the NightShade Forensic FBI Files series. Catch up with old friends and enemies as everyone tries to keep the ancient magics for themselves…

Available for Preorder NOW!

Available 2024

The Hangman's Shadow #2 - In the Temple

Another cold case. Another chance for these three extraordinary women to find each other again. Secrets and skills will come to light, even if they weren’t supposed to.

They won’t be able to solve the case—or even stay alive—if they can’t trust each other.

In The Temple is the second book in the new Hangman’s Shadow series. All the thrills, chills, and uncanny clues you’ve come to expect from USA Today Bestseller AJ Scudiere.

The Hangman's Shadow #2 - In the Temple cover

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USA Today Best Selling Author

AJ Scudiere

AJ holds an MS in Human Forensic Identification as well as another in Neuroscience/Human Physiology — or as she calls it “nerdgirl.” A firm believer that the best suspense relies on clues that were there all along and characters who stay smart all the way through the story, AJ works hard to get readers to “turn just one more page.” AJ’s books have garnered Audie nominations, options for tv and film, as well as over twenty Best Suspense/Best Fiction of the Year awards.

AJ Scudiere

Best series since Dragon Tattoo!

Amazon reviewer Retribution September 16, 2021

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