UNDER DARK SKIES - The NightShade Forensic Files, #1


I hate werewolves. I hate that they jump and just transform. I really hate when there are sparkles. I hate that the werewolf is a different mass than the man and some fairy must be waiting in the forest to fold their clothing. Their clothing that magically disappeared when they jumped, but now is ready to be folded and waiting.

I spent about 10 years hating on werewolves and trying to figure out how to make one that was scientifically plausible. As in the intro to the first book, there is plenty of science behind other mysterious/supernatural phenomena, but not so much with werewolves. So I thought about it long and hard. When I figured it out, I began writing book one.


The photo is original art, the slashes clearly alluding to Donovan’s nature which we don’t know when the story starts.

Every now and then I get a review that the book was too dark, went too strange, or whatever. On the one hand, I get that. On the other hand, DUDE, there are slashes on the cover! The title is brooding if not downright menacing. And the intro is all about supernatural science. I'm sorry if you missed ALL THAT. 🙂


NightShade is of course both a poison and a medicine and is routinely used in spellwork.

Under Dark Skies was compelling—we just liked it.


A little bit of spoiling here, but if you click the More Spoilers below, you'll definitely get some secrets.


Oh dear God, this cover was such a hell hole. We lost the cover designer for Resonance (literally, could not find her!) and wound up with someone who didn’t understand . . . anything. She gave us so many bad images. One was a cheerleader with sais photoshopped where pompoms would go. One looked like Sin was selling martial arts equipment on Home Shopping. The worst was clearly a baseball pic with a katana sword photoshopped in for a bat—but the blade was pointing AT Sin. Like she was going kill herself because the cover was so bad.

Eventually, I had my husband take some pictures of the kind of image we wanted and sent them to her. She sent the cover back with ME on it. So if you have a first edition, that’s ME. The cover was reworked when the book (originally a standalone) became a series.



The neighbor called the police on me because I repeatedly broke into my own house. She saw me on the roof trying to get in through the vent (no one wires those! Nor their attic doors—you really can break in that way.) So I had to tell her it was me and tell the cops not to come. I *just* fit through the hole once I had the vent off—it’s not a task for anyone of actual height.


Ven Cover
GE Cover


A little bit of spoiling here, but if you click the More Spoilers below, you'll definitely get some secrets.


Like with previous covers, I did my own drawing—a creature with angel wings and demon eyes embedded into the curve of the wings. Again, the artist ignored me. But you can see that alteration of the eye and wing in the final version. The old paintings of demons and angels being the same creature exist. That’s what he’s based on.

**God's Eye will be getting a new cover soon! This cover is well designed for print, but as the market has moved to e-books, we have to change to fit a thumbnail view. Keep your eyes peeled!



Katharine’s father’s secretary is named “Sharon”? In Dante’s Inferno, Charon is the guardian of passage into the circles of hell.

Also, Margot occupies a classic role of "shaman." If you read journey stories, there's a wise one who leads the way. Though I didn't want Margot to be one who only doles out wisdom, that's specifically a role she has.


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